Live in San Diego With Special Guest JJ Cale

Clapton, Eric

Side 1
A1 Tell The Truth 6:23
A2 Key To The Highway 4:12
A3 Got To Get Better In A Little While 9:35

Side 2
B1 Little Wing 6:58
B2 Anyday 6:05
B3 Anyway The Wind Blows 5:32 (With J.J. Cale)

Side 3
C1 After Midnight 5:48 (With J.J. Cale)
C2 Who Am I Telling You? 4:52 (With J.J. Cale)
C3 Don't Cry Sister 3:37 (With J.J. Cale)
C4 Cocaine 5:33 (With J.J. Cale)

Side 4
D1 Motherless Children 5:23
D2 Little Queen Of Spades 17:21

Side 5
E1 Further On Up The Road 6:49
E2 Wonderful Tonight 4:31

Side 6
F1 Layla 8:25
F2 Crossroads 6:55

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