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About John San Filippo

I grew up in a fairly musical family.

My mom played the piano and sang. I remember one of the big moments in her life was when she was chosen to sing the Ave Maria solo for Midnight Mass.

My brother Joe took years of accordion lessons (and we attended years of accordion recitals). Later in life, he took up the banjo and got pretty good at it.

Even the one who shall remain nameless played the piano and appeared in a couple of high school musicals (in the chorus).

Apparently, the San Filippo supply of musical talent was exhausted by the time I showed up. I've often said that I couldn't carry a tune if it was stapled to my forehead and that's being generous.

Alas, I realized at an early age that I was destined to be a mere listener. But hey, I've actually loved every minute of it.

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