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For various reasons, I haven’t posted a blog since before GAC. Maybe I could’ve come up with a better title for my triumphant return than the name of a Peter Sellers movie that came out when I was about three years old. I thought of possibly using a song title, like Changes (Bowie), Miss Me Blind (Culture Club), or Back in Black (AC/DC). But whatever. The point is, there’s been a lot going on around here.

First and most obviously, my blog has moved. My faithful readers may recall that up until now, I was using Google’s blogging platform to post and host my screeds. However, with the popularity of JMSB seeming to increase with every post (probably thanks to me adding all those porno keywords), I decided to take complete control and host it myself. It will be housed here forevermore.

I also recently rented an office from which to work. I know I’m the oddball here, but I’ve always hated working from home. This is one thing I had in common with the late, great Manny Prupes. In fact, he once told me that in the early days of Symitar, when he was still working from his kitchen table, he put on a suit every morning just so it felt like he was really at work.

I’ve worked from home a couple of other times and, as I said, I never liked it. I thought maybe this time would be different, though. HAHA. Where has thinking ever gotten me? There are only so many barking dogs, roaring lawnmowers, and door-bell-ringing delivery drivers I’m willing to tolerate, and I breached that threshold at least a month ago.

For anyone who is interested, my new business address is:

270 East Douglas Ave., Ste, 114A El Cajon, CA 92020

Here are a few photos of the new digs. (In case you're wondering, more witty writing follows the pix.)

Finally, as I’ve discussed with some of you, I’ve private-labeled an established marketing automation platform called MindFire Studio and am getting ready to launch it as a separate service to current and future clients. I’ve branded it as Squoozle. My tagline is Funny Word | Serious Marketing. I'll soon start using Squoozle myself for things like managing JMSB subscriptions. If you’d like to know more about Squoozle, I encourage you to visit www.squoozle.com.

So, for anyone who was distressed (admittedly way too strong a word here) by the absence of my blog, I apologize. I promise to get back into the swing of things are start posting like a mofo.

That is all.

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