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Heavy Metal Music from the Movie

Various Artists

Side 1
Heavy Metal 3:50
Heartbeat 4:20
Working In The Coal Mine 2:48
Veteran Of The Psychic Wars 4:48

Side 2
Reach Out 3:35
Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride) 5:00
True Companion 5:02
Crazy (A Suitable Case For A Treatment) 3:24

Side 3
Radar Rider 2:40
Open Arms 3:20
Queen Bee 3:11
I Must Be Dreamin' 5:37

Side 4
The Mob Rules 2:43
All Of You 4:18
Prefabricated 2:59
Blue Lamp 3:48

I have my original and a newer pressing. Dropped acid and saw this movie on my first paid vacation.

Heavy Metal Music from the Movie
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